Commercial Mushroom Producers Organisation “Our growers needed a simple means of estimating their yields, our producer group needed to be able to co-ordinate yields with sales and our marketing companies needed accurate crop forecasts by product categories. CROPWORKS is able to meet all of these needs, and has been simple to implement”

Tom Kellegher

Crop Yield Prediction Solution

If your company needs to take a more systematic approach to crop forecasting and demand planning

CropWorks provides a powerful predictive web based solution for your business.


  • Simple to use
  • Web based therefore each grower updates and manages their own information
  • Easy to set up and easy to edit yield predictions
  • Yield prediction based on each growers own growing methods and individual crop information
  • Simple on screen overview of individual crop yields
  • Simple reporting on screen or to spreadsheet
  • Allocate yields to product categories if required
  • Software As A Service (SAAS) sales model.


  • Allows for collaborative supply chain practice between growers, producer group, marketeers and customers
  • Live viewable predictive yields reports for all approved members in the supply chain
  • Replaces multiple systems in use, such as manual sheets, computer spreadsheets and predictions based on historical data rather than on current crops
  • Consistency in yield prediction system across multiple farms
  • Growers predict their own yields using Cropworks ensuring reliable forecasts and schedules
  • Regular fixed monthly fee.


  • Grower, producer group and / or marketing company can match predicted yield with sales
  • Reliable crop predictions by period, by location, and by product category.
  • Improves utilisation of product, reduces wastage and maximises on-shelf availability as a result of accurate predictions in advance
  • No large upfront costs.